Welcome to the new literatiboricua.com!

Of course, I put it off for so long thinking this would be difficult. But the good people at WordPress have these nifty website design tools to make even a newbie like me feel like I’m Mark Zuckerberg breaking into the NSA.

I have to say: the process of putting together a website is at once humbling and strange. Strange, because listing all the stuff you’ve done seems painfully self-centered. It is, right? Of course it is. Then again, every writer I’ve encountered tells me that it must be done. You have to have a presence. You have to be around, even if it seems mad egotistical. Right?

Bueno. Let’s all navigate this strange little space between the public and the private. If I’m a poet, that’s my job, right? One of many, anyway.

Here’s the deal. I’ll blog. You’ll comment. I’ll leave my stuff up here for you to look at, and for me to add to once in a while. I’ve done some cool things in the last 12 years or so, apparently. Vamos a ver what’s next.