When I was a mere baby poet back in 2003, I wrote poems at a clip no human should ever attempt. Two or three a day. Different styles, different performance voices, different speeds, different line breaks. Every open mic I attended, I had a new poem. I was a beast. I was a mic hound. It was like I was making up for the previous 26 years. I had enough poems to fill ten chapbooks.

You would think the 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge would be something that came naturally to me. It doesn’t. At least, not anymore. It’s not that I don’t write—I do. I’m just not into writing on deadlines this drastic, simply to post it on a public forum for folks to gaze at them in the moment.

These days I can tell you much more about a poem that means something to me than I can tell you about my own writing. My boy Erik “Advocate of Wordz” Maldonado was already doing this on his Facebook page; he is going to post 30 poems by 30 poets in 30 day. And so, I issued him a challenge:


During the month of April, Wordz and I will be posting Other People’s Poems on our respective social media presences, Facebook mostly, every single day. Poem for poem, day after day, we’ll be displaying the poems that have moved us the most as readers and writers of the craft we love. I hope you follow along, comment wherever, and maybe post a few of your own. That’s a 30/30 challenge I can get behind every single year.