TYRION: The Eunuch. The Spider. Master of Whisperers.

VARYS: Imp. Half Man.

TYRION: Baldie.

VARYS: Short stack.

TYRION: Nutless.

VARYS: Spineless.

TYRION: Dickless.

VARYS: Stuart Little.

TYRION: Backstabber.

VARYS: Frontstabber.

TYRION: No Dick McGee.

VARYS: Wee Willie Winkie.

TYRION: Orphan.

VARYS: Fatherkiller.

TYRION: Slime.

VARYS: Motherkiller.



TYRION: Baldie.

(VARYS and TYRION laugh and slap hands)

TYRION: Okay, okay, you got this.

VARYS: That was good though, son.

TYRION: You ready to knock off these Seven Kingdoms, pana?

VARYS: (puts Glock under robe) No doubt, God. Let’s get it.