DAENERYS: I know you’re here out of hatred for the Lannisters.

OLENNA: What was your first clue?

DAENERYS: Well. Let’s start with that button you’re wearing. The one with the giant red line through Cersei’s face.

OLENNA: It brings out my eyes.

DAENERYS: Let’s talk about these war plans.

OLENNA: Yeah, no, I’m good. How about we skip to the part where I school you like a saucy old lady and your millenial ass begrudingly admires my old school sensibilities?

DAENERYS: Ohhh kay.

OLENNA: Your Hand. Clever man, he is. We are surrounded by clever men.

DAENERYS: Well. I dunno if I would have called Jorah “clever” or “hopelessly in love with someone he can’t have.”

OLENNA: Will he take a sword to the belly for you?


OLENNA: Then what’s the difference?

DAENERYS: Point taken.

OLENNA: Anyways. Yeah. Clever men, all of them. You know why I got to be this old and cranky?

DAENERYS: Dornish wine?

OLENNA: Actually…yes! But! There’s another reason. It’s because I told all the clever men around me to bite me whenever they tried to give me war advice.


OLENNA: The Lords of Westeros are all sheep. Are you a sheep?

DAENERYS: Well. I mean. It depends on the day. I have my days when I’m a turtledove. Other days, I fancy myself an owl. Wise, all-knowing, elegant. Other days I think I’m a tiger. Beautiful. Dangerous. Liable to tear my enemies’ throats out at the moment’s notice…

OLENNA: Daenerys.

DAENERYS: This one time I visited a zoo in Meereen. I really loved the gorilla exhibit. The way the males tried to scare away spectators even though they were behind glass. The way the females sat pensively…

OLENNA: Daenerys.

DAENERYS: Then sometimes I think, boy, the way I wander this world and bring wonder to everyone’s eyes, sometimes out of being startled, sometimes out of love…those are the days I think…definitely aardvark.



OLENNA: Dragon. You’re a dragon.

DAENERYS: (smiles broadly) Really?? You think??

OLENNA: You…brought three dragons…with you.

DAENERYS: WOW! Oh, wow, I’m a dragon. This is big! Oh, jeez. I mean…this changes everything. Wait…WAIT. Do you think that’s why my hair is white? And…oh! Is THAT why this castle is called DRAGONstone???

OLENNA: Now you’re fucking with me.

DAENERYS: You think you’re the only sarcastic one here?

OLENNA: (bumps fists with Daenarys) I see you.