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Rich Villar: Poet, Essayist, Educator, Editor. Lover of Coffee, Wizard.



Rich holds court at La Sopa (the School of Poetic Arts), Loisaida Center, NYC, 2015.
Rich holds court at La Sopa (the School of Poetic Arts), Loisaida Center, NYC, 2015.

Here’s some general information about my services. Don’t hestitate to contact me with any questions. For information on all bookings and services, please email me directly:



I am available for short and long-term teaching assignments for creative writing, readings and live performances, festivals and book fairs, panel presentations, lectures, and workshops on various topics related to creative writing, publishing, Latinx literature and culture, and community activism.

My orientation is toward solidarity and community, always. Whether your space is a reading series; an educational center; a literary nonprofit; or a high school, secondary school or elementary school–high tech, low tech, or anywhere in between–I am flexible. I am based in the New York Metro Area. I will travel anywhere in the world.

If you run a smaller community space, PLEASE email me about my availability. I ran spaces like yours for many years, and I will come to you if I am at all able. Feel free to check my schedule, to the right of this page, to see when and if I’m passing through your town.

Any of the programming listed can be long-term or short-term, and presented to groups of all sizes–in English and/or Spanish.

Please be prepared to have a conversation with me, up front, about timely payment of fees. Generally, I am paid in full on the day of any one performance or short residency, and I am paid in installments on any project over two weeks in duration. Again, email me with any concerns.

For all bookings and rate inquiries, contact me directly at


Editing Services/Manuscript Consultation:

I am available to edit your essays, fiction, and poetry. Whether you have one piece, several pages, or an entire collection, I can help you put together your best possible work and prepare it for submission and/or publication. 

Editing is a process. Almost every manuscript requires some revision. My goal as an editor is for you to produce the best possible piece of literature to add to the canon. Seriously. You are adding your voice to a tradition. You should be expected to treat your book, your voice, your techniques, your story, accordingly.

Fees differ for every project, and they may vary based on a number of factors: including: 1) pages submitted, 2) time required to complete the project, and 3) how extensively you need me to review your work for revision.

We can also talk about self-publishing, and I am able to connect you to collaborators in the areas of visual arts, typesetting, and book cover design.

To chat about the possibilities for your work, to inquire about fees, or for any questions at all, send an email to


-The Immense Suggestion: Claiming Poet as Your Master Status

-The Sacred Word: Poetry, Clarity, and Spellcasting in a World of Sound

-Another Kind of Poem: How To Make a Real Live Book, Published or Self-Published


-Complicating The Story: American Literature and Latinidad in the 21st Century

-Literature and Activism: Writing Communities and the Fostering of Unapologetic Voices



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