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Comprehending Forever: Poems


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Praise for Comprehending Forever

In the spirit of Neruda, Comprehending Forever becomes that initial kiss we never forget accompanied   by an aubade underneath a full moon. From collected raindrops off the skin, to the smells of Bustelo     percolating at dawn, and bay of Luquillo, Villar reminds and redefines the essential beauty of why and   how we need love.

~Luivette Resto, author of Unfinished Portrait and Ascension

Reading this book is like listening to those last few notes of an Al Green slow jam. Known widely for                                                         his ferocious and incisive political poems, here Villar turns his gaze toward the politics and pains of romantic love. In this debut collection, the battle rhymer turns soul singer. And damn if he doesn’t work it out!

~John Murillo, author of Up Jump the Boogie

Rich Villar’s first book is a lyrical collection of love poems, and a great deal more. There are echoes here of Lorca and early Neruda, surreal, ecstatic, sensual, electrically charged. The poet not only praises his beloved; he celebrates the world around him, from Bustelo to the bossa nova, from the Triborough Bridge to Luquillo beach. The title poem is a tour de force, as Villar transcends a history of brutality and grief to find redemption and healing in the embrace of another human being. In the words of Whitman:This indeed is music!   

~Martín Espada, author of The Republic of Poetry


Rich’s Selected Works Online:

Essay: “En La Tradición: Reflecting on the Legacy of Frank Espada in an Age of Erasure,” at La Respuesta.

Essay: “La Revolución Will Not Be Reviewed in the New York Times,” at Radius.

Essay: “How I Got Over,” at Union Station

Essay: “Leaping The Barricades,” at Literati Boricua (Blogspot).

Poem: “Poem in Which The Poet….” at Underwater New York.

Poem: “Oshun’s Bolero,” at Underwater New York.

Poem: “How the Horseshoe Came Back To Homeboy,” at Underwater New York.

Poem: “Aubade at 12:56pm,” at Thrush Poetry Journal.

Five Poems at Letras Journal at el Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños.


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