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Rich Villar: Poet, Essayist, Educator, Editor. Lover of Coffee, Wizard.


Rich holds court at La Sopa (the School of Poetic Arts), Loisaida Center, NYC, 2015.
Rich holds court at La Sopa (the School of Poetic Arts), Loisaida Center, NYC, 2015.

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I have performed my poetry in front of all audiences, from bars to theaters to large outdoor festivals. I have also collaborated with artists of all stripes: dancers, singers, actors, and visual artists. I have a particular love of working with musicians and drummers, particularly in my traditions of Puerto Rican and Cuban music. 

For an idea of what I do in performance and in lecture, check out the video section of my website.

I also lecture on the topics listed below:

  • Complicating The Story: American Literature and Latinx Presence (and Absence) in the 21st Century
  • Raising the Temple: How to Train Literary Jedi For the Culture Wars to Come
  • Nuyorican Poetry from 1970 to present
  • Puerto Rican Poetry from 1868 to present
  • The Decisive Act: Stories and Poems as Resistance in the Era of Fake News




I teach poetry, prose writing, and theater/performance to students and classes at all stages of development. I take a holistic approach to my workshops; from student feedback and expectations, we address the areas of their writing and writing lives that most need addressing.

For individuals, I can design a course of study on various aspects of grammar, punctuation, structure, voice, sound, and subject, to name a few; help you edit your work; advise you on options for publishing; and give you prompts for writing the best material you can. Again, my focus is holistic. I am interested in the whole person in front of me…we look at what you’re doing on the page and on developing a) a critical vocabulary for your own work and b) what it is you’re saying and NOT saying…and WHY.

My areas of expertise include the following:

  • Nuyorican Literature (including New York Puerto Rican writers since 1898)
  • Contemporary Latinx poetry
  • Contemporary Movement Poetics (including political poetry after 1960)
  • Slam, spoken word, and performance poetry (1970’s-present)
  • Contemporary American fiction and nonfiction
  • American Poetry and Literature since Walt Whitman
  • Latin American Literature
  • Puerto Rican Poetry and Literature since 1868
  • Poetics of Activism and Witness since 1900
  • Poetry as a Tool for Citizenship Formation
  • Creating Community around Poetry
  • Curating and Creating Successful Events Around Poetry and Literature

For groups, I offer the following poetry workshops, for as long or short a period as your program will allow. Shoot me an email for full workshop descriptions:

Every Story Matters: Writing and Performance for Middle School and High School             

The Immense Suggestion: Claiming Poet as Your Master Status (all ages)                                 

Poetry, Movement, and Spellcasting in a World of Sound (all ages)                                              

Nuyorican Blueprint: The Modern Aesthetic of Political Poetry (high school and above)

(NEW WORKSHOP! In the last year and a half, I’ve been developing new curricula and writing prompts for men in response to recent developments in the #MeToo movement. To be clear, however, these issues have been prevalent in the writing community and communities of color for decades beforehand. This workshop aims to use poetry and performance to shift masculinity away from toxic patterns of trauma and abuse and toward self-acceptance for boys & men, and healing for the communities they are a part of.)

Titeraje: Masculinity, Trauma, Healing, and the Writing Process (for men and boys, high school and above)



I am available to edit your essays, fiction, and poetry. Whether you have one piece, several pages, or an entire collection, I can help you put together your best possible work and prepare it for submission and/or publication. 

Editing is a process. Every manuscript requires some revision. My goal as an editor is for you to produce the best possible piece of literature to add to the canon. We often do not see ourselves as part of a continuum, but this is what you will learn with me. You are adding your voice to a tradition. You should treat your book, your voice, your techniques, and your unique story, accordingly.

Fees differ for every project, and they may vary based on a number of factors: including: 1) pages submitted, 2) time required to complete the project, and 3) how extensively you need me to review your work for revision.

We can also talk about self-publishing, and I am able to connect you to collaborators in the areas of visual arts, typesetting, and book cover design.

To chat about the possibilities for your work, to inquire about fees, or for any questions at all, send an email to




My orientation is toward solidarity and community, always.

I am an arts curator and community organizer by experience and training, and I understand the challenges involved with event planning and promotion. I will work with you as best I can to make your event a success.

Whether your space is a stadium, a theater, or a reading series; an educational center; a literary nonprofit; or a high school, secondary school or elementary school–high tech, low tech, or anywhere in between–I am flexible. I am based in the New York Metro Area. I will travel anywhere in the world.

If you run a smaller community space, PLEASE email me about my availability. I ran spaces like yours for many years, and I will come to you if I am at all able. Feel free to check my schedule, to the right of this page, to see when and if I’m passing through your town.

Please be prepared to have a conversation with me, up front, about timely payment of fees. Generally, I am paid in full on the day of any one performance, or the first day of any short residency; I am paid in installments on any project over two weeks in duration. Email me to discuss mutually beneficial terms.

Also, as we go along, please be prepared to answer timely questions about accommodations, travel, and event logistics, including expense reimbursements and ground transportation. Often, a presenter has multiple dates on their itinerary, and it is important for them to nail down these details before arriving in another city.



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